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The Yucatan project was one of the most exciting and intense projects that I have worked on. Not only did I have the opportunity to meet with various heads of government, I also had the privilege of visiting the diverse natural wonders of Yucatan and managing design aspects for an Italian model promoting Yucatan. This project involved vast amounts of research on American and Mexican tourists, intense focus groups, and extensive research into understanding how to appeal to both local and foreign tourists.

The final piece of this puzzle was putting all that research together in a design and website to prompt a physical response from tourists. Particularly, we wanted tourists to be drawn to certain locations not just by the designs, but by written word as well. This involved multiple individual designs, specifically designing mini sites within the main website to create a finished product that drastically increased the number of tourists in the state.

While managing the design and development of the website, I simultaneously handled the creation and management of the corresponding social media projects. The facebook site now has over 100K followers.